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Kenn Brody is the pen name of a man with many hats. A former theoretical physicist, computer scientist and CEO of public and international companies, he has been there and done that. Now he wants to describe science he cannot do in real life and go places no man has gone before.

Kenn's awards include SF short stories and poetry. Curtain of Heaven is now published.  Sage of Sagittarius is now in print. He's now writing Just One Red Light. In this forthcoming novel, a young science report follows an experiment to find out if we live in a simulation.  Her world is already bizarre. Even so, no one expects the consequences of the real answer.

Besides hard SF Kenn has published non-fiction articles on science, kayaking, archery, ham radio, and blue water sailing experiences.

Kenn is available for public readings and will swap occasional critiques, as his schedule allows.

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