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We provide a number of editing services for authors registered with us here at Broken Symmetry Publishing. Exactly which services your work requires depends on where you are in the writing process. Our editing services are designed to benefit authors at every stage of their story's development.

Below is a brief summary
of each of our services


Our Manuscript Critique gets straight to the point by highlighting the issues that stand in the way of your success.

  • A critique is great for early drafts as it helps understand the big picture of the story, aids in pulling plot lines through, and provides suggestions for improvement and/or ideas on story lines and character development.

  • Authors can expect feedback on: structure, plotting, point of view, pacing, characterization, dialogue, storytelling, writing style, and mechanics.


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$0.02 per word ($200 minimum)

A manuscript critique gives you fast, actionable feedback. The focus is on the narrative of your story, with discussion centering on things like plot structure, characterization, and author voice.

The critiquing process involves:

  • Multiple readings of your story,
  • Identifying any issues that need to be resolved,
  • Identifying any strengths that can be emphasized,
  • Light annotation of your manuscript
  • Compiling a report to communicate possible ways to continue, develop, or enhance your story.


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 Issues Addressed In The Manuscript Critique

The end result is a clear, concise editorial report on the things you can do to find the best form of your story, supported by examples from the manuscript. Common issues that an editor might include are things like:

  • Plot holes
  • Clunky dialogue
  • Over-description
  • Slow passages
  • Disjointed structure
  • Inconsistent characterisation
  • Unexciting action
  • Intrusive author voice
  • Unnecessary scenes
  • Unclear character motivations
  • Distracting habits or phrases
  • Problematic choices in narrator or tense

The report isn’t just about identifying these issues, but about suggesting ways to fix them. Maybe it’s a case of changing the order of events, removing a problem section, or refocusing on the key events of your story – the aim is always that you will come away from the report knowing how your story can be improved.

A 30-minute consultation is included in the fee, giving you the chance to ask questions and/or seek clarification on the report’s contents. Consultation can be carried out by phone, Skype or email, depending on what suits you.