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We provide a number of editing services for authors registered with us here at Broken Symmetry Publishing. Exactly which services your work requires depends on where you are in the writing process. Our editing services are designed to benefit authors at every stage of their story's development.

Below is a brief summary
of each of our services


A comprehensive edit is the highest and most in-depth level of book editing we offer. This edit focuses on the structure and content of the story, the language use, and the writing style. During this edit, your editor will assess the impact of your story:

  • Is the meaning of your story clear and your use of language effective?
  • Does the story flow naturally or is it disrupted by clumsy transitions?
  • Have any scenes been overwritten and has repetition crept into the story?
  • Is it an enjoyable and satisfying read and is there room for it in the market?

A comprehensive edit includes a line edit, a structural edit, and a written editor's report offering advice and recommendations for improvement.


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A comprehensive edit (Click Here To Get A Free Manuscript Assessment) is the most in-depth level of book editing we offer. It’s a unique blend of

  • line editing
  • editorial comments
  • a written report

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Line Editing

A line edit focuses on the language you use to tell your story. Are your words clear and precise? Is your language enjoyable to read? Is your voice strong and consistent?

Your line editor may draw your attention to

over or under describing

  • confusing or unclear sentences
  • awkward or unnatural dialogue
  • scenes where your meaning is lost
  • repeating the same information in different ways
  • misuse or overuse of adjectives and adverbs
  • bland or cliched language usage
  • possible changes to improve pacing
  • tonal shifts and unnatural phrasing

Your line editor may delete, insert, reword, or move words, phrases, and sentences in your manuscript. The purpose is to improve readability, flow, and meaning.

Track changes in Word are used so you can easily see your editor’s changes and can accept or reject them.

It is not the purpose of a line edit to fix any problems with spelling, grammar, punctuation, typos, etc. A copyeditor will take care of that for you.

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Editorial Comments

Your editor will give you specific feedback on anything that could be strengthened.

Comments may

  • show how particular scenes, events, or actions don’t have the right impact, and how they may be revised
  • highlight how a character’s speech or actions don’t ring true
  • point out how a scene could do with more or less detail to enhance meaning and purpose
  • identify unbelievable or nonsensical parts of the narrative, and how to fix them
  • question the purpose of a scene, event, or character to ensure it has earned a place in the narrative

Comments will be made in the margins of your manuscript.

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Editor’s Report

The editor’s report focuses on crucial issues that will not only improve your manuscript, but will give you the creative tools to become a better writer.

Common issues that an editor might include in their report are things like clunky dialogue, slow passages, plot holes, inconsistent author voice, or over-description. The report isn’t just about identifying these issues, but about suggesting ways to fix them. Maybe it’s a case of changing the order of events, removing a problem section or refocusing on the key events of your story – the aim is always that you will come away from the report knowing how your story can be improved.

To get a better idea of what the editor’s report looks like, please check out the Editor’s Report Sample in the FAQs below.

A 30-minute consultation is included in the fee, giving you the chance to ask questions and seek any clarifications about the report and editorial comments. Consultation can be carried out by phone, Skype or email, depending on what suits you.